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 By pressing the submit button below, I acknowledge and agree that as a volunteer for JASA, I (or we, if applicable) will not receive any monetary compensation for myself or on behalf of my minor child(ren) if applicable, or any other form of remuneration from JASA. I agree to hold harmless and hereby indemnify JASA if through the course of my volunteer work I am injured, become ill and/or require medical treatment. I understand that I must depend on my own health insurance to provide my care if, in the course of my volunteer work, I am injured, become ill and/or require medical treatment. I understand that New York State Worker’s Compensation Law does not cover me. I have been trained in all aspects of the work I will be performing. I hereby waive any claim, known or unknown, against JASA, its officers, directors and/or employees resulting from such volunteering.

This release is made to allow JASA to include me as a subject in connection with materials used by JASA for purposes including, but not limited to, publicity, fundraising, marketing, advertising, promotion, and the like (hereinafter “Materials”).

In connection with this release, I agree that JASA and its agents, representatives, and employees may tape and photograph me and record my voice and conversation, including quotes, paraphrases, and sounds. I further agree that JASA shall be the exclusive owner of all copyright and other rights in and to the materials and that JASA may use and license to others, my name, voice, likeness, and any biographical facts that may have been provided to JASA, in connection with the materials forever and throughout the world, and to license others to use such, in any manner JASA wishes in any and all media now known or hereafter discovered or developed.

I understand and agree that JASA has no obligation to include me in the materials. I also understand and agree that there shall be no payment of any kind due in connection with this release and the subject matter contained herein.

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  • After Hurricane Sandy, I was so very depressed. JASA welcomed me with open arms, it’s a whole new world, they are my family.
    - Ruby
  • JASA is comfort! I always hear from the staff if they think my mom is not herself.
    - Sheryl (daughter of Ida)