Martin Siroka

Leonard Boxer 

Executive Vice President
Jessica Feder Mantel

Eleanor Wagner

Bonnie D. Rosenberg

Vice Presidents
Mark R. Imowitz
Eric Levine
Ruth Perelson
Joseph Rubin


Nishana N. Armour
Carol Chinn
Ilaina Edison
Patricia Green
Eric Greenhut
Martin L. Halbfinger
David Hildes
Saul B. Katz
Andrea Landes
Pinchas Lev
Sharon Makowsky
Nancy T. Polevoy
Linda Rosensweig
Mark Steiger
Judith West

Honorary Trustees
Marvin H. Davidson
Martin Lifton


Executive Leadership Team

Kathryn Haslanger, Chief Executive Officer

Amy Chalfy, Co-Chief Program Officer
Alan Cohen, Co-Chief Program Officer
Sholom Ellenberg, Chief Information Officer
Lana Goykhberg, Executive Director of Home Care
Donald Manning, Executive Director of Real Estate & Management 
Tracy Welsh, Chief Operating Officer           
Allister Wesson, Chief Development & Communications Officer

Senior Leadership

Hipolito Paul Aponte, Director of Housing Operations and Compliance
Edith Auguste, Senior Director of Residential-based Services
Arielle Basch, Senior Director, Health Services & Business Development
Susan Bush, Director of Contracting and Procurement
Brian Clarke, Director of Housing Facility Management
Donna Dougherty, Senior Director of Legal Services for Elder Justice
Denise Robin Freeman, Director of Human Resources
Debra Milton-Grant, Director of Compliance, Privacy and Quality
BJ Greenspan, Director, IT Systems Integration, Data Analysis and Project Office
Lori Hardoon, Senior Director of Palliative Care Supportive Services
LeAndrew Hill, Director of Facilities Operations
Michael Klidas, Vice President of Finance
Molly Krakowski, Senior Director of Government Affairs
Meredith Levine, Senior Director of Information and Case Assistance
Lauren Medalie, Director of Communications
Jeannine Melly, Senior Director of Community Guardian Program
Danielle Palmisano, Senior Director of Intensive Services & Business Development
Aisha Parillon, Senior Director of Senior Centers
Alla Pliss, Senior Director of NORCs
Martha Pollack, Senior Director of Elder Abuse Prevention Services
Elaine Rockoff, Senior Director of Care & Case Management Services

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