• 1968

    JASA founded

  • 1972

    First Senior Center opens

  • 1973

    First Affordable Housing Complex built in Coney Island

  • 1974

    Supreme Court appoints JASA as the first social service agency in the State of New York to be a conservator for mentally impaired older adults

  • 1976

    Home Delivered Meals program established

  • 1977

    Joint Public Affairs Committee (JPAC) founded to give older adults a voice in community change and policy

  • 1981

    Legal Services for the Elderly in Queens (LSEQ) established

  • 1982

    Sundays at JASA established

  • 1983

    (JASACare) Home Care program established

  • 1984

    First Mental Health Clinic opens

  • 1989

    Adult Protective Services established

  • 1990

    Community Guardian program established

  • 1990

    First Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) established

  • 1994

    Institute for Senior Action (IFSA) advocacy training program established by JPAC

  • 1995

    Legal/Social Work Elder Abuse Prevention Program (LEAP) opens

  • 1997

    Help Center established

  • 2000

    First Friendship House opens

  • 2002

    Caregivers Respite program established

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  • It’s a home away from home; without JASA I would feel alone.
    - Mickey